Haa5: Haas Effect Plugin VST/AU


This panning plug-in implements the system our own ears use to locate sounds in the natural world. With a simple, straight forward interface you can quickly add depth to your music!


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About Haa5

Haa5 will pan your music left and right in a way that tricks your brain into thinking the sound comes from that direction. By creating a slight delay between the left and right signals you can hear what direction the sound is coming from depending on which ear hears the music first. So, if the right signal is delayed, then the left ear will pick up the sound first, causing the sound to seem to come from the left; and vice versa.

The Haas Effect Plugin!

Haa5 is a Haas Effect plugin. It uses stereo delays to create what is sometimes referred to as the precedence effect, also known as the “Haas effect”. It gets it’s name from Helmut Haas who’s 1949 Ph.D. thesis first described this psycho-acoustic phenomenon.

We have taken this concept and put it together in the form of Haa5. Haa5 provides an intuitive 3-knob interface to control the pan, precedence, and output volume of the plug-in without needing to interrupt your workflow setting a massive assortment of variables and controls.

Using the Haas effect, one can create a much more attuned and surgically precise stereo image. Because the concept relies on psycho-acoustics the Haas effect lends itself to a much more natural panning effect than standard volume based panning, which merely adjusts the volumes of the left and right signals separately to create an artificial and less real sense of direction. It’s a very sweet and subtle sense of direction that old school panning just can’t provide. The Haas effect is an effect that really adds something special to your mix!

So, if you’re looking to add an extra edge to your stereo sound and create full, powerful mixes, then pick up a copy of Haa5 and put this Haas effect plugin to work for you!



  1. (verified owner)

    You’ve done a great job!

    It sounds like UAD’s Precision K-Stereo and the open source “SHEPPi” Free Spatial Enhancer. VST for Mac users would be very welcomed!

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